Bravo pH Study Endoscopy

For some patients, it’s important to monitor acid levels in the esophagus over an extended amount of time to determine the proper treatment.

The conventional method of testing pH requires the patient to wear a thin catheter through the nostril down into the esophagus for 24 hours. Consistent with our goal of maximizing the patient’s comfort, we use the improved “Bravo” system, which enables us to perform pH studies for 48 hours without the need for a catheter. This improved technique is comfortable, unobtrusive and more accurate and comprehensive than the conventional test.

During an appointment to undergo Bravo pH Monitoring, the patient will be asked to sit or lie back while the physician places the capsule into the esophagus. After the capsule is in place, suction is applied, drawing a small amount of tissue into the capsule. The capsule is then locked into place. The placement procedure is simple to perform and well tolerated by most patients.

The capsule begins measuring the pH levels of the esophagus immediately, transmitting pH measurements wirelessly to a small receiver worn on the patient’s waistband or belt. The receiver houses three symptom buttons – heartburn, regurgitation, or chest pain – for the patient to press as the respective symptom occurs. The patient will also be asked to keep a diary and record periods of sleeping and eating during the procedure.

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